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One of the most time-consuming duties of teaching history at the college level is constructing a course from the ground up. This entails writing the syllabus, choosing books, determining grading and a host of other details. The syllabus takes the most amount of time to construct -- especially when you are teaching a course for the first time -- because you have to have an idea of where you'd like to be at each point in the semester and so, you need to become a master of scheduling.

Included here are the syllabi which I have used for courses taught at Florida Atlantic University (Davie, FL), Broward Community College (Coconut Creek, FL), Meredith College and Wake Technical Community College (Raleigh, NC) between 1990 and 2006.

Technology and Society (2006)
20th Century Eastern Europe (2001)
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
Modern European Intellectual History
20th Century European History
Modern Russia: The 20th Century Soviet Experience
Newton to Napoleon: Europe in the 18th Century
A History of European Socialism, 1789-1917
Modern England: A Brief History from the 1750s

The Industrial Revolution in Europe and the United States


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